Belfast Books Book Search Fee


If you’re trying to find a book that’s out of print, why not let us do the detective work? Our book finder service has tracked long out of print books out all over the world. 

Here’s how it works:-

1. Select the quantity of books you want us to look for and pay the fee(s).

2. Put all the details you have of the books in the notes field at checkout, as well as a budget that you’re prepared to spend if we find the book. Most books can be found, and everything has a price, but if you’re only prepared to pay £10 for a scarce book that usually sells for £100, you’ll have wasted your money. 

3. We then use various trade pro tricks to attempt to track the book or books down and negotiate the best price for the best available grade of book.

4. We then let you know the price of the sought after book and if you want to purchase it, we will send you an invoice and order the book when that invoice is paid. Be warned though, you need to move quickly as these books are scarce and time waits for no book😱