Becoming A Social Worker For Dummies


Be an agent of positive change with a rewarding career in social work

Social workers are trained to address major social issues and provide therapeutic services for children, youth, and families. Becoming a Social Worker for Dummies will introduce you to this empowering profession and teach you about the fulfilling career paths that focus on improving community and society. Learn what skills you need to be prepared to work in the field, and discover how you can enter a role that allows you to make a positive difference working with individuals, groups, organizations, systems, and even whole countries.

Embark on a career that's satisfying, engaging, and financially sound

Read about the different kinds of social work jobs available and pick the right path for you

Learn how social work differs from other helping professions and bust common myths

Get started on your journey toward working for equity and justice in your community

This clear, simple Dummies guide is for anyone who wants to learn more about the social work profession and its many sectors. Discover a career path where you can make a difference almost anywhere.