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Any Auld Tat Fiction Book Bundle


Author Multiple Authors

Excludes horror, sci-fi and all non fiction. 

We’ll bung you any auld remainders or used tat we’ve got lying about up to 2kg weight for £9.99. Use discount code LOCKDOWN to remove UK shipping charge.

Photo for illustration only. Titles you’ll receive will not be same as in photograph. This listing should not be taken to mean that the author’s books in the photograph are tat, as they’re class. 

Includes free tracked delivery by a company who’ll probably leave your parcel in your coal bunker or under your car. 

In notes, put the genre of books you like as well as authors you rate and hate. Our robots will ensure your don’t get authors you don’t want, but  their A.I. isn’t developed enough to guarantee you’ll get the authors you like. 

Excludes horror, sci-fi and all non fiction.