Abandoned Germany


Beautiful, haunting photographs of abandoned places in Germany. The ultimate visual reference in German urban exploration.

These outstanding photographic reports aim to draw attention to the often dramatic fate of a country's abandoned heritage and its frequently forgotten beauty. The locations featured all have their own stories to tell, in a variety of voices, but with one

shared theme: the fall from grace.

Over 15 urban forays to seek out abandoned places have been undertaken by Aurélien Villette and have helped him paint an alternative portrait of contemporary Germany - a land scarred by many historical fractures which the passage of time has willingly glossed over, thus remaining only in

people's memories.

Grand congress hotels from the Socialist era, the once popular Ballhaus often built with basic, functional materials which were not made to last, derelict factories, buildings converted into museums, and barracks now transformed into flats or simply knocked down to make way for solar panels.