2024/2025 ASVAB For Dummies : Book + 7 Practice Tests + Flashcards + Videos Online


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The bestselling ASVAB For Dummies is back with an updated and expanded annual edition. This trusted study guide will help you succeed on the essential military recruitment test. Now with more examples, walk-throughs, and practice questions, you can land the score that will qualify you for your preferred military job. With practice tests in the book and online, videos, and hundreds of digital flashcards, this Dummies resource is perfect for all things ASVAB. Trusted by military recruiters across the country, this book also includes insider tips and tricks for test-day-success. Study at your own pace and make your dreams possible with ASVAB For Dummies.

Learn from simple explanations of all the content covered on the ASVAB, plus tons of resources for studying

Follow detailed study plans that will help you prepare 12 weeks, 6 weeks, 4 weeks, or 1 week before the test

Take practice tests and work through detailed answer explanations to improve your score

Get even more practice online, with practice tests, flashcards, and videos

For years, ASVAB For Dummies has been helping recruits launch their military careers right. Now, it's your turn.