When the Duke Returns : The Sexy and Romantic Regency Romance


font size="+1">'Nothing gets me to a bookstore faster than Eloisa James' Julia Quinn, bestselling author of Bridgertons

The fourth book in the New York Times bestselling Desperate Duchesses series, perfect for fans of Julia Quinn's Bridgertons and Eloisa's Wildes of Lindow Castle

'Choc-full of romantic heroes romantic heroes that would give Darcy a run for his money.' Carole Matthews

For the Duke of Cosway, it was a marriage of convenience. For his bride, it was anything but...

Isidore has waited for many long, frustrating years for her mysterious husband to return from exploring the world. They were married by proxy when she was just a child, but now she's fully grown and yearns for nothing more than for her duke to return.

Until he does come back. And he is not what she expected. At all.

Cosway refuses to conform to any of society's norms: he won't powder his hair, has little regard for cravats, and seems frighteningly keen on running around the countryside in nothing but short trousers. But - more shocking than any other revelation - he reveals that he is a virgin.

While Cosway begins to discover that there may be more adventures in marriage than in all of the rest of the world, Isadore will learn whether her duke was truly worth waiting for...