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What Price Truth? The True Story of a Special Branch Agent

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Author Raymond Gilmore

In the midst of the rubble and broken glass of war torn Northern Ireland, at the height of the civil conflict between the IRA and pro-British forces, the bravery of one man shines through thriller and suspense as he acts as both Provisional soldier and spy for the police in order to bring the IRA down. In a gritty, vibrant account of contemporary history, ‘What Price Truth’ tells for the first time the true story of urban warfare for Raymond Gilmour, a police undercover agent sent among the men at arms of the IRA in a bid to help end the fighting once and for all. Growing up in Derry at the height of the civil war, Gilmour is disillusioned at a young age to the struggle of the men at arms in the Provisional IRA, whose methods he sees as often more brutal than those of the oppressing British forces. With no choice other than a life on the dole or in crime, he is caught after a botched burglary, convicted, and thrown in prison with only one hope of getting out – to join the police undercover and infiltrate the IRA in order to bring an end to the bloodshed in his home town. With little choice, Gilmour accepts his role as soldier and spy, and his new life of thriller and suspense begins. While contemporary history tells the official story of the violence in Northern Ireland, this is a highly personal tale of urban warfare from the point of view of a single individual in war torn Derry, forced to choose between family and the need to make a stand for one’s convictions. Hard-hitting and harrowing, ‘What Price Truth’ is a truly inspiring story of bravery in the face of death, and a must-read for anybody interested in the atmosphere of 1980s Northern Ireland. UPDATE!!Raymond Gilmour was found dead 27th October 2016 in his hideaway in Kent south east of England UK aged 55


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