US Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump : Drivers, Strategy and Tactics


This book investigates the drivers, tactics, and strategy that propel the Trump administration's foreign policy.

The key objective of this book is to look beyond the 'noise' of the Trump presidency in order to elucidate and make sense of contemporary US foreign policy. It examines the long-standing convictions of the president and the brutal worldview that he applies to US foreign policy; and his hard-line negotiation tactics and employment of unpredictability to keep America's major foreign interlocutors off-guard, such as NATO members, China, Mexico, Canada, North Korea, and Iran - each of which are considered here. In strategy terms, the book explains that the president is responding to a new multipolar structure of power by engaging a Kissingerian strategy that eschews liberal values and seeks to adjust great power relations in Washington's favor. By drawing upon a range of evidence and case studies, this book makes a number of compelling and provocative points to offer a new vector for debate about the workings, successes and failures, and ultimately the long-term implications for the world, of the Trump presidency.

This book will be of much interest to students of US foreign policy, security studies, and IR in general.