Understanding Business Accounting For Dummies - UK

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Get your head around company finance. Whether you're a small business owner or a corporate manager with budget responsibilities, having an understanding of your company's finances is crucial. This user-friendly guide takes you through all the key elements of UK business accounting, covering everything from evaluating profit margins and establishing budgets to controlling cash flow and writing financial reports.

The fourth edition will be fully updated throughout and includes brand new content on the emergence of IFRS and dealing with foreign exchange. Updates include:

Revised chapter on funding covering Banks, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Business Angels, Crowdfunding in its various guises, IPO's.

Financial aspects of foreign exchange - increasingly business accounting has to accommodate transaction and translation exposure dealing with exchange rate variances over time.

Merger and acquisitions and the role of accounting.

Business planning

Financial metrics for start-ups - monthly revenue growth, revenue run rate, burn rate, Cost of Acquiring a Customer and Payback, Average Sales Cycle etc.

Strategic financial models: Linear Models and Optimization, Probabilistic Models, Regression Models and Decision-Making and Scenarios.