Underground Railways of the World

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Over 200 underground railways are in service or under construction around the world. Many although of great importance to their cities and passengers are otherwise unremarkable, however others have fascinating stories to tell. With unique histories, unusual circumstances around their construction, unbelievable technical challenges to overcome, beautiful architecture and a whole host of colourful personalities this enthralling collection has it all.

The first underground railway opened in London in 1863, with numerous major cities following, and since the year 2,000 an explosion in new systems with over 30 metros opening in China alone! From the Budapest World Heritage site, to the longest and busiest in Beijing; from the stunning architecture of Moscow to the mysterious Pyongyang Metro; from the Buenos Aires Subte the first in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world to the forthcoming Crossrail in London and the City Rail Link, the first in New Zealand.