The Perennials : Unleashing the Power of our Postgenerational Society

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Will open your mind to your own future and show you a new world of adventure. Arthur C. Brooks

For the first time in human history, eight defined generations live together side by side, from Alphas to the Greatest Generation by way of Boomers, Xennials, Millennials and more. However, these definitions have so often been used to pigeonhole us into rigid categories, all underpinned by the restrictive 'four stages of life' model - of play, study, work, retirement.

This means that potential is left untapped on a societal level; also individuals are tied into a trajectory that minimises opportunity and fulfilment. In The Perennials, Mauro Guillén unpacks the megatrends - such as increasing longevity and the explosion of technology, among others - that are transforming life as we know it. How, within this milieu, a new group of 'perennials' must emerge: individuals who cannot be so easily defined by the pervasive metrics of age and experience or by simple inter-generational conflict.

These post-generational perennials offer the promise of liberating us from the constraints of the accepted four stages of life model, therefore allowing everyone the chance of living a much more rewarding and fulfilling life. Guillén proceeds to unveil how this revolution will impact young people just entering the world of work, as well as those who are living and working longer.

This multigenerational revolution is already happening and Mauro Guillén identifies how we can usher in a new era of innovation in almost every facet of life and work - powered by the perennials.