The Kew Gardens Origami Flowers Book : Beautiful projects inspired by nature



Create beautiful, ornate flowers with this instructive origami book, with sheets of origami paper included!Japanese paper folding, or origami, is an ancient art form that continues to fascinate craft fans and anyone else with a creative streak. From the tulip to the amaryllis, each design has clear step-by-step instructions and accompanying photographs, as well as information on basic folding techniques and materials. The projects in this book are based on flowers held by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, London. This world-famous institute has been collecting and conserving plants for 260 years, and has contributed to the diversity of origami designs seen in this collection. Featuring a die-cut cover which reveals the origami sheets within, this delightful full-colour book serves as an excellent introduction to those who want to experiment with paper-folding and create beautiful and original flower models. ABOUT THE SERIES: Arcturus Publishing and The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew have collaborated to create a wonderful selection of botanical-themed arts, crafts and activity books, including origami, dot-to-dots and colour-by-numbers.