The Fast 800 Easy : Quick and simple recipes to make your 800-calorie days even easier


130 brand-new recipes to cook up at home, any day of the week...

Following her bestselling Fast 800 Recipe Book, Dr Clare Bailey returns with a fabulous new cookbook, featuring super-simple recipes to enable you to eat well with minimum prep time on your fasting days.

All the dishes in this book can be made with less than 10 ingredients and are based on the low-carb Mediterranean style of eating now proven to revolutionalise your health. There are numerous vegetarian options, plus simple ways to expand meals for non-fast days or when you are eating with friends or family.

With everything from smoothies and wraps to winter stews and curries, this book will help you rustle up delicious, nutritious meals in minutes - food that tastes so good you won't feel the low-calorie count.