The Disinherited: A Sailortown Novel


Set against the brutality and harshness of Belfast's Sailortown in the late 1950s, the novel is a fictionalised account of the squeezing out of second preference dockers - the legendary 'red button' men from the city's waterfront; a tale of father against son, brother against brother and friend against friend.

As with his famed dockside poems and short stories, Campbell brings to this tale the qualities of directness and acute observation, vividly recreating not just the streets, bars and sights of Belfast's Sailortown and York Street past, but a whole community's way of thinking, to offer a moving elegy for a vanished way of life, community and people.

To our knowledge, these are the only truly new copies of John Campbell's second novel, his follow up to 'Corner Kingdom'. They were given to us by the author himsef. A great gift to anyone from Sailortown or York St, communities scattered by the Belfast Urban Project in the early 1970s.