The American Civil War Visual Encyclopedia


This visual guide tells the story of the bloodiest war America ever fought through photos and easy-to-understand explanations.

This book for children aged 9 - 12 ventures into the history of America's Civil War and familiarises children with American history and how it became the country it is today. Each chapter explores people, causes, and consequences of America's bloodiest conflict.

Inside the pages of this children's civil war book, you'll discover:

- Full-page profiles about key figures and battles
- Civil War-era photography and illustration depicting important events and artefacts
- Accurate historical information, faithful presentation of African American history in the context of the Civil War
- Unusual and remarkable stories such as the Thanksgiving drummer boy's and accounts of the war through personal letters

America spent five years fighting its most destructive war and one that showed a deeply divided country with union states on the one side and confederate states on the other. This civil war book shows what led up to the conflict and zooms into the most important events, battles, and leaders. This book further explores war memorabilia, eyewitness accounts and the abolition of slavery.

Children will be excited to learn about famous figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee and gain insight into reasons for the war and the viewpoints of the opposing sides. This book also provides children with a fascinating history of how railways, the telegraph were used to fight the war and literature and music that this conflict produced.

DK's Visual Encyclopedia series delves into the world's most intriguing historical events, people, natural phenomena and animals. These books will delight children with simple explanations and impactful photography that will provide hours of learning fun.