Stranger Things Library Edition Volume 2



In the spirit of horror classics such as Carrie, this hardbound collection of two Stranger Things graphic novels explores what it means to have power, and what some are willing to do to attain it.

Prequal to the hit Netflix series, Six dives into the lives of the psychic kids being held at the mysterious government lab in Hawkins, Indiana. Stripped of her name and left with nothing but the number six, clairvoyant teen Francine plots to break out however she can. She has seen a horrific glimpse into the future to come and wants to save as many people as she can. In Into the Fire, some of the teens who escaped find out that another of their number might yet still be alive and take off on a brutal journey where they must choose between vengeance and mercy all in the hopes of saving their friend from herself.

A chilling glimpse at the machinations of Brenner's lab leading up to the events of the show, this hardcover collection of Stranger Things: Six and Stranger Things: Into The Fire includes everything from teen romance to pyrokinetic rampages.