Scandinavian from Scratch : A Love Letter to the Baking of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden [A Baking Book]

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Bring the taste of Scandinavia to your home kitchen with these delicate, sweet, and savory bites all made from scratch: hearty potato flatbreads, festive cinnamon knots, toasty saffron buns, and more.

From chef Nichole Accettola, Scandinavian from Scratch explores light and vivid treats inspired by Scandinavian cuisine. After moving back to the United States following more than a decade in Europe, Accettola found herself longing for the afternoon delicacies she indulged in while living in Copenhagen. She set out on a mission to bring the tastes of Scandinavia to her home and community and opened her now beloved San Francisco-based café, Kantine.

In Scandinavian from Scratch, Accettola has curated 75 delicious bakes and bites, ordered by occasion and arranged from simplest to most complex, that explore the intersection of culinary cultures from different Scandinavian countries. Douse your home in the comforting aromas of Coconut Dream Cake, Budapestrulle, Cardamom Morning Buns, Honninghjerter, Egg and Shrimp Smørrebrød, Danish Dough, and so many more Scandinavian bakes adapted for the modern kitchen. The easy-to-follow recipes will expand your baking repertoire and make you the hit of any get-together, from afternoon tea to holidays and birthday celebrations.