Renting For Dummies


Untangle the renting process and find your perfect place

Renting For Dummies explains everything you, as a renter, need to know. Search for the ideal home, put in your application, and get yourself moved in. You'll learn how to effectively hunt for rentals, figure out what you can afford, and how to find the neighborhood that's best for you. Want to find a roommate? Need help with your application? Not sure whether your lease allows you to keep your beloved pet goldfish? This Dummies guide has you covered, with all the renting advice, and none of the confusing babble.

Streamline the renting process with tips on finding good rentals

Read real-life scenarios to help you navigate roommates, pets, applications, and beyond

Ask the right questions and negotiate a lease that's fair to everyone

Get tips for maintaining your place, setting up utilities, and handling repairs

If you want to get up to speed on today's rental landscape, Renting For Dummies is the jargon-free resource for you.