Religion, Riots and Rebels, The Incredible History of Brown's Square


The Incredible History of Brown's Square in Belfast tells the true story of the first sectarian riots, United Irish Rebels and Religion in a small area that still exists in Belfast today. The area seen the erection of the first Peacewalls in the 1920's that are still there today and also experienced two World Wars, murders and executions over its 250 year history yet its still standing today. The history of Brown's Square is the history of religious and educational segregation from the American and Industrial Revolutions to today and this book details the birth, death and regrowth of the area from the Ice Age to the present. Its a book about the resilience of the Citizen's of Brown's Square who survived the floggings and hangings of the United Irish Rebellion in 1798 to the murders of the IRA and Loyalist Paramilitaries during the 'Troubles' of the 1920's to the Good Friday Peace Agreement. According to Dr Jennifer Ramos - 'Much blood and ink have been spilt to claim (Northern) Ireland and its history. As this book demonstrates in great detail, the divisions of today trace their roots back several thousands of years. Brown’s Square of Belfast has been in the eye of this storm throughout. Frank cleverly uses the story of Brown’s Square as a microcosm of the broader struggles for independence and freedom, weighed down by sectarian segregation. '