Ready for the Spotlight!

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An exuberant and relatable picture book about sibling rivalry, ballet, and finding your free-form self.
Confidence goes a long way, and so does practice - but the support of a loving family and community matters even more in this winsome tale of dancing your way into your own unique talents. Tessie has taken ballet for a whole month and thinks she has it down. If it weren't for her big sister, Maya, who seems to own the spotlight, Tessie would dazzle the whole class. But when Maya lands the lead - and the coveted princess crown - in the upcoming show, not even freestyle dancing can fully rescue Tessie's spirits. But maybe they each have something to teach and the spotlight is big enough for two?

Jaime Kim's author-illustrator debut captures the shifting emotions of competition, sisterhood, and joy in movement with warmth, charm, and a deliciously bright palette.