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Portable Sun Beach Shader Great for Winter in the Sun Holidays in the Canaries


Author Belfast Books York Road Store

At first glance, this shader looks like somebody removed the canopy of a pram and used it to cover their head on a beach. In reality, it’s a portable (and collapsible) sun shield designed in Australia to take the place of whatever you’re currently using to block your face from the sun ⏤ be it a hat, magazine, or t-shirt. That said, the thing comes loaded with bonus features including a removable pillow with an integrated chill pack, a six-cup drink holder, and a phone/iPad solar charging panel that can accommodate a USB-powered fan. It also attaches to chairs, boasts an internal pocket for your wallet, and comes with a beach bag that also has room for a towel. Now that’s one hell of a pram canopy. General Use: Outdoor Furniture Specific Use: Beach Chair Appearance: Antique Material: Plastic Style: Moon Chair

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