My Mum is a Superhero (NE)



Watch out! Mums have superpowers!

Milo's mum always knows what he's up to.

She knows when he's using her saucepans to brew up magic spells.

She knows when he's bouncing on his bed.

She even knows when he's wrestling with giant sea monsters in

the bath!

But how does she do it?

There can only be one answer: she must have X-RAY


So one day Milo decides to put Mum's powers to the test...

A brilliantly funny picture book from Alex T. Smith, the

well-known creator of Claude books and

TV series

A humorous, fast-paced adventure in which mum saves the day!

Features an inclusive cast of characters

Perfect for Mother's Day and a super fun read for all year round!

Previously published as My Mum Has X-Ray Vision and

My Mum is a Supermum