Living Vegan For Dummies


Vegan diet, nutrition, and lifestyle, demystified

Living Vegan For Dummies provides a practical look at veganism for those who have already embraced the lifestyle, for anyone who is on the fence about trying it, or for those who want to understand the choices of the vegans in their midst. You'll learn what it means to be vegan and why this animal-friendly diet is on the rise. Discover tasty vegan ingredients and easy recipes, money-saving tips, advice for talking to people about veganism, and ideas for dealing with the skeptics. If you're ready to start transitioning to a vegan way of life, you'll love this book's simple action plans for making the switch-and making it stick. With this friendly Dummies guide, you've got answers to all your questions.

Learn what veganism is, how it's different from vegetarianism, and why people choose to "go vegan"

Decide whether veganism is for you and get pointers on cutting out animal products

Help friends and loved ones understand your dietary and lifestyle choices

Get ideas for vegan cooking, eating out, and being vegan on a budget

Living Vegan For Dummies is a valuable resource for anyone who practices or is considering veganism, as well as their friends and family who want to know more about the lifestyle.