Live, Work and Play : A Centenary History of Welwyn Garden City

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Books about history using real life memories recorded specifically for the purpose are rare, 'Live, Work & Play' is just such a book. Created from the hundreds of reminiscences of the residents of the town gathered by the WGC Heritage Trust and put into historical context by Prof Mark Clapson , one of the UK's leading social historians, the book offers a unique insight into the creation of the UK's second garden city.

Timed to appear at the start of 2020, when Welwyn Garden City achieves its 100th year, the history of Sir Ebenezer Howard's final masterpiece, with all its imperfections, is laid out for all to read. Now thriving and at ease with itself WGC is an example of how to create homes for its community. Created as a Garden City in 1920, developed as a New Town from 1948 the lessons it offers are invaluable to both developers and governments alike.