Jet Man : The Making and Breaking of Frank Whittle, Genius of the Jet Revolution

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'Wonderful' David Edgerton, TLS

'Fascinating' Aeroplane Monthly

'Casts new light on the intense, heroic character of Frank Whittle' Leo McKinstry

In 1938, a thirty-one-year-old RAF pilot and engineer named Frank Whittle - given special leave to pursue his own startlingly original concept of flight - presented the Air Ministry with a written proposal for a revolutionary jet-powered fighter aircraft. A ready response might have changed the course of history, but Whittle got no reply.

In this gripping and insightful biography, Duncan Campbell-Smith charts Whittle's success at building a pre-war jet engine against all the odds - and tracks his desperate struggle to have it launched into active service against Hitler's Luftwaffe. It arrived too late - but nonetheless transformed the future of aviation.