Izzy the Inventor and the Teeny Tiny Ogres


Meet Izzy the Inventor in a laugh-out-loud chapter book series that brings together science, magic and a very lovable unicorn. Packed full of illustrations and easy-to-read text, this series is perfect for newly independent readers and fans of Isadora Moon and the Kitty books.

Izzy is perfecting her tickle machine for her INVENTION COMPETITION when she discovers teeny-tiny ogres are on the loose in her local park - and it's all her fault (she brought them back from Fairytale Land BY MISTAKE). Now Fairytale Land is in chaos! There are wolves chasing wizards and goblins are tormenting the poor fairies. Izzy must find the ogres with the help of her trusty friend, Henry the Unicorn, and bring them back to Fairytale Land. Can Izzy and Henry catch the ogres? And will she be back in time for her INVENTION COMPETITION?

Every book contains ideas for science experiments and a QR code with links for more to try at home:
Izzy the Inventor and the Unexpected Unicorn
Izzy the Inventor and the Curse of Doom
Izzy the Inventor and the Time Travelling Gnome