Getting Out of Debt For Dummies


Get out and stay out of debt the smart and easy way

This is a clear and simple guide to getting out from under credit card debt, student loan debt, and all other forms of owing people money. With simple changes and smart decisions, you can start today and enjoy financial stability moving forward. This book covers everything you need to know to take the sting out of those monthly repayments, offering strategies for coping with personal loans, car loans, mortgages, home equity loans, and beyond. Getting Out of Debt For Dummies will help you prioritize and consolidate debt, so you can pay off the most pressing bills first and reduce the number of debtors coming after you. You'll also get pro tips for using credit cards responsibly, building up your credit score, and avoiding debt-generating traps when you make purchases. Getting out of debt doesn't have to be overwhelming. Let this Dummies guide help you quickly and easily repair your finances.

Understand the different types of debt, including good and bad debt

Develop a strategy for managing student loans and getting on a repayment plan

Know what you're signing up for when you use credit cards and pay-later platforms

Negotiate with collection agencies, the IRS, and angry creditors

Design a realistic and painless payback schedule-even for serious debt

For the millions who have substantial debt and want to turn their financial situation around, Getting Out of Debt For Dummies offers hope and a straightforward way forward.