Freemasons For Dummies


Unravel the mysteries of the Masons

All the myths and rumors about Masonic organizations probably have you wondering "what do Masons really do?" Questions like this one are a natural by-product of being the oldest and largest "secret society" in the world. This book is an ideal starting place to find answers to your questions about the secret and not-so-secret things about Freemasonry.

Now in its third edition, this international best-seller peeks behind the door of your local Masonic lodge and explains the meanings behind the rituals, rites, and symbols of the organization. Along the way the book covers nearly 3,000 years of Masonic history, introduces you to some famous Freemasons you already know from history books, and explains the relationship with related groups like Knights Templar, Scottish Rite, Order of Eastern Star, and the beloved fez-wearing Shriners.

Look inside the book to learn:

What it takes to become a member of the Freemasons, and what you can expect when you join

How Lodges are organized and what really goes on during Masonic ceremonies

The basic beliefs and philosophies of Freemasonry, including how Masons contribute to charity, and society in general

The origins behind some of the wild myths and conspiracy theories surrounding Freemasonry and how to debunk (most of) them

Written by a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Mason and the Public Relations and Marketing Director for the Grand Lodge F&AM of Indiana, Freemasons For Dummies is a must-read guide for anyone interested in this ancient fraternal order, whether you're looking to join or are just curious about some of the more mysterious aspects of Freemasonry.