Financial Modeling in Excel For Dummies, 2nd Editi on

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Turn your financial data into insightful decisions with this straightforward guide to financial modeling with Excel

Interested in learning how to build practical financial models and forecasts but concerned that you don't have the math skills or technical know-how? We've got you covered! Financial decision-making has never been easier than with Financial Modeling in Excel For Dummies. Whether you work at a mom-and-pop retail store or a multinational corporation, you can learn how to build budgets, project your profits into the future, model capital depreciation, value your assets, and more.

You'll learn by doing as this book walks you through practical, hands-on exercises to help you build powerful models using just a regular version of Excel, which you've probably already got on your PC. You'll also:

Master the tools and strategies that help you draw insights from numbers and data you've already got

Build a successful financial model from scratch, or work with and modify an existing one to your liking

Create new and unexpected business strategies with the ideas and conclusions you generate with scenario analysis

Don't go buying specialized software or hiring that expensive consultant when you don't need either one. If you've got this book and a working version of Microsoft Excel, you've got all the tools you need to build sophisticated and useful financial models in no time!