Endangered Animals Atlas

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Endangered Animals Atlas is a richly informative book for animal lovers everywhere, with an important and timely focus on the endangered animals around the world that need our protection. 

In this follow-on to Football Atlas, Space Atlas, Ocean Atlas and Dinosaur Atlas, you will be taken on a journey around the planet and through the distinctive habitats and landscapes it supports. Try and spot the world's smallest chameleon in Madagascar. Marvel at the rarely-seen snow leopard that prowls the Himalayas. Meet the amazing yellow-footed rock-wallaby of the Australian outback.

On this Amazing Adventure you will discover the reasons why the rich biodiversity of our planet is so at risk, and why so many of its creatures are endangered. Entries on endangered animals in a whole host of environments will inspire love and admiration for the natural world and all its amazing creatures. An important yet gentle introduction to the impact of climate change and human activity on the environment, Endangered Animals Atlas explores how everyone can help save our planet and enjoy its beauty.

What does 'endangered' mean?

Why are animals endangered, and how can we help them?

What incredible animals are found on the Galapagos Islands?

This expansive guide to endangered animals answers all these questions and more as you journey around the world and marvel at the biodiversity of the planet, and how much it needs to be protected.