Drums For Dummies

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Become a different drummerA A

Drumming is natural to all of usAafter all, it mimics theA regular beat of ourA hearts.A But someA of us want to go furtherA and reallyA lay down a big beat. And no wonderAwhether you want to become theA powerfulA backbone of a band or just learn how to play a hand drum for pleasure, drumming isA a lot of fun. Oh, and itAs scientifically proven to make you smarter.A Bonus:A healthier!A A

DrumsA ForA DummiesA getsA you goingA on the road to becoming the drummer you want to be.A Get startedA with the basicsAwhat drums to buy,A exercises that build your skills, and playingA simple rhythms. Then move intoA more complexA topics,A exploreA drumming styles from around the world, and add other percussion instruments to your repertoire.A A

Written in an easy-to-followA step-by-step style by respected instructorA Jeff Strong, youAll go from banging out basic rhythmsAwith or without sticksAto acquiring versatility with different styles and types of drum.A The book also provides onlineA audio files to drum along with,A as well as suggestions for solo approaches to wow your bandmates.A A

Understand fundamental techniquesA

Hone your technique with exercisesA

Explore other percussion instrumentsA

Care for your drumsA A

TheA all-time drummingA greatA Neal PeartA of the band RushA once saidA thatA when he saw a good drummer, all he wanted to do was practice.A DrumsA ForA DummiesA isA yourA best way to do just thatAandA startA hitting your perfect groove.A


P.S. If you think this book seems familiar, youAre probably right. The Dummies team updated the cover and design to give the book a fresh feel, but the content is the same as the previous release of Drums For Dummies (9780471794110). The book you see here shouldnAt be considered a new or updated product. But if youAre in the mood to learn something new, check out some of our other books. WeAre always writing about new topics!