Deep State : The most addictive thriller of the decade


A conspiracy to kill the president...and one woman's fight to stop it

'Trust no one'

The warning is loud and clear. Shortly after uttering it, the White House Chief of Staff is found dead in his home. It's ruled as a heart attack. Only his intern, former soldier Hayley Chill, knows something is not right.

Starting her own investigation, Hayley uncovers a secret organisation buried in the furthest reaches of government.

A covert state hidden within a government;
a secret organisation of high-level operatives;
exerts control through manipulation and a culture of pain and fear.

When she discovers the plot to assassinate the president, they realise someone is on to them. How long will it be until they know that it's her?

So Hayley must work like the Deep State:

Trust no one.
Kill - or be killed.
Fans of series like The Bodyguard and Designated Survivor, or books by of James Swallow, Terry Hayes, Gregg Hurwitz and Rob Sinclair will love this stunning debut. With twists you won't see coming, this thriller is a true page-turner.