Creating eCourses For Dummies


Design and build online courses that you will deploy with joy

Need to create a course for your learners and don't know where to begin? Creating eCourses For Dummies will guide you through the process of creating engaging content around objectives and a solid instructional plan. In this book, you'll find a feasible plan for designing and creating a course in a short time period, while leveraging technology, community building (if desired), accessibility, and engagement. Creating eCourses For Dummies encourages you to follow along chapter by chapter, creating a course as you go.

Make the transition to online teaching and create a course quickly, step by step

Choose the technology platforms that work best for you, or make the most of the ones you're required to use

Leverage existing content and content from other resources to build your course

Tailor your content to your audience and cater to different learning preferences and styles

This is an excellent Dummies guide for new and veteran teachers, corporate trainers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, those with side hustles, and anyone else who needs a crash course on developing eCourses. This book will support you from beginning to end.