Cocina Mexicana : Fresh, Vibrant Recipes for Authentic Mexican Food

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Celebrated chef and restaurateur Adriana Cavita invites you on a culinary journey to her beloved Mexico and celebrates its rich heritage through delicious recipes.

A delicious collection of over 90 recipes showcasing authentic Mexican cuisine.

Savour well-known classics such as Beef Birria and Baja Fish Tacos and discover new flavours like Tlayudas con Carne Asada (often referred to as the Oaxaca pizza!) and Sopecitos.

Travel the country experiencing all the diverse regional flavours from breakfast recipes through to street food, main dishes and meals to celebrate with. Not forgetting delicious Mexican desserts and cakes and an all-important drinks and cocktail section that will rival any margarita bar. 

Each chapter is supported by a fascinating in-depth look at how food is made and enjoyed in Mexico, highlighting traditional cooking methods and how these vary from region to region.

Adriana Cavita grew up in a small village in Mexico and was inspired to enter the food industry by her grandmother who ran a street-food business. She has since travelled extensively around the country, from Mexico City the capital (where she was born), across to Oaxaca and the Yucatàn. This collection of recipes is built around her experiences, from breathing in the aroma of woodsmoke from a barbacoa (food cooked over open flames), to seeing first-hand the care that goes into preparing seemingly simple dishes, from salsas and moles to tortillas and tostadas. Adriana's take on traditional Mexican dishes tell a story of her heritage and the people who taught her the craft of cooking and will open your eyes to real, authentic Mexican food.