CBAC Lefel 2 Mathamateg Ychwanegol(Welsh edition)


Stretch and challenge students with this introduction to higher level mathematics.

Including plenty of practice activities and worked examples, this book bridges the gap from GCSE to A-level, building students' reasoning and problem-solving skills in preparation for the next step.

- Develop understanding of mathematics with discussion points, thought-provoking activities and rigorous exercise questions
- Build confidence with notes on how prior knowledge can be applied to tackle new concepts
- Develop problem-solving skills with step-by-step worked examples and practice questions
- Be aware of potential misunderstandings with common pitfalls noted throughout the text
- Check progress using a checklist of key points and learning outcomes at the end of each chapter
- Help students to achieve their potential with two practice papers at the end of the book
Answers to exercise questions are at the back of the book and online, alongside full worked solutions and mark schemes for the practice papers

Please note: this is a Welsh-language edition