Cactus Kid and the Battle for Star Rock Mountain


Join Cactus Kid as he zooms through the Neverending Desert on his sweet ride, seeking the ultimate magical powers to become the greatest wizard of all time. But also, getting into huge amounts of explosive trouble, deadly motorbike races, and a lot of embarrassing encounters...

Life's not always easy for a Cactus. This particular one wants to impress his all-powerful dad with his epic magic skills, and he's not about to let anything stop him on his solo hero's journey. All he needs is a chunk of star rock to level up his potions. There's just one problem - there's none left. The only way to get a single slice of the stuff is to enter the deadly MotoBrawl race, find a way to stop accidentally turning bugs into giant fire-breathing creatures, befriend the lizard gangs that roam the desert, and maybe make a friend along the way. But does a lone hero even need any of this stuff?