Brain Training for Dogs : Cognitive Games and Activities to Unlock Your Pet’s Full Potential


With fun exercises and invaluable advice from leading dog-trainer Claire Arrowsmith, learn how to improve your dog's mental agility as well as strengthen your bond with them.

An essential book for any dog owner who is keen to understand a bit more about how their dog's brain works, Brain Training for Dogs shows us how to get the best out of our beloved pets by improving their mental agility, confidence and their bond with us. Translating cognitive research and findings into owner-friendly games, and packed full of essential advice and helpful step-by-step illustrations, Claire helps readers to easily understand what the experts know and demonstrates how to introduce tried-and-tested activities into our day-to-day routines with our dogs.

Since the pandemic, many of our pets are displaying concerning behaviour, including separation-related distress and anxiety, so it's more important now than ever that we're attuned to our pups. Including top tips on how to get the most out of time spent with your pet, this is a must-read for new and experienced dog owners alike.