Blackshirt: Sir Oswald Mosley and British Fascism


This is an important and controversial new biography of Sir Oswald Mosley. Hated and adored, trusted and feared, respected and scorned - public opinion has never been luke warm or indifferent to Oswald Mosley. This book provides the answers to many questions, amongst them: How did Mosley get his funding for the Fascist Party? What was the real relationship between Mosley, Hitler and the Nazi party? And, did Hitler have plans for Mosley if the invasion of Britain had taken place? Blackshirt proves how very dangerous Mosley was. Over the years, many have worked hard to guard Mosley's reputation, but this book casts new light on the man. Dorril has been given access to new information and made important discoveries. He has interviewed many of those who knew him, including his widow Diana, to come closer to the truth about Mosley and his politics.