Between Worlds : A Queer Boy from the Valleys



Jeffrey Weeks has been called 'the 'most significant British

intellectual working on sexuality to emerge from the radical

sexual movements of the 1970s'. Yet behind the titles and

acclaim lies the story of a hugely fascinating, inspirational life

- one both immersed in love and blighted by pain and loss.

Growing up in a tight-knit mining community in the post-war

Rhondda Valleys, Weeks knew from a young age that he was

different. However, grappling with his burgeoning gayness

amid this hotbed of sexual conservatism and traditional gender

divisions, his initial explorations into this uniqueness led to little

more than isolation and shame.

Finding salvation in his studies, university brought with it a

life-defining opportunity to thrive within the radical culture of

late sixties and seventies London. He soon found himself at the

forefront of the new gay liberation movement, and his work as its

pioneering historian would spark a long career as a researcher and

writer on sexuality, with widespread national and international