Apple MFi Certified 3m Apple iPhone and iPad Double Nylon Braided USB A Cable



If you’ve ever heard that noise when you’re trying to charge your iPad, iPhone or Apple Pen, you’ll know it’s not a good sign. In fact, it can ruin your day unless you can somehow wriggle-jiggle the cable back to life - which of course you normally can’t.

As well as that, a 1m cable is no use to man nor beast as who is ever that close to a power source? Your cable needs to cover all eventualities, including being some distance away from a power source.

We use these cables ourselves, and that’s why it’s a no brainer for you to buy them.

But there’s more....

To give a bit back at this difficult time, we’re doing a Buy 2 and get 50% off a third one offer until midnight on Sunday the 19th of April 2020. That’s a saving of £6.49 to you.