Abandoned USSR


Beautiful, haunting photographs of abandoned places around the world.
Once thriving buildings now ravaged by nature and time are the subject of this fascinating book. The vestiges of Abkhazia, a country that does not exist, an abandoned power plant turned into a set for Hollywood movies, the Buffer Zone in Cyprus, the ghost city of the Chernobyl disaster, an Art Nouveau theatre in Brussels, a unique 18th-century Italian fortification, the city of Tskaltubo with its waters of immortality, one of the oldest baths in Romania ...
Roman Robroek is an urban-obsessed and award-winning photographer, born and raised in the enchanting south of the Netherlands. He takes unique photos of
forgotten abandoned places all over the world. What is the story behind those
buildings? Who used to live there? What purpose did these objects serve, and why were they abandoned? This curiosity has created a close bond between him and Urban Photography, and Oblivion is the result of the last 10 years, which he spent exploring incredible ghostly locations, trying to answer these endless questions.