A Voice of One's Own : a story about confidence and self-belief

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A beautifully photographic therapeutic novel which teaches us about our own emotions through a young woman's journey of self-discovery.

This is a novel with a striking mission at its heart: not just to tell us a story but to show us - through the example of one life - how we might change our own.

The novel introduces us to Anna, a kind, inspiring, thoughtful but modest and self-questioning person, in whom we might catch echoes of ourselves. Life has been hard of late for Anna: her job is putting her under extreme pressure, her relationship is lacking the support she craves, her parents have saddled her with a complicated emotional history. And yet she is determined to progress and liberate herself from her inhibitions.

In a style that's brief and poignant, accompanied by lyrical and thought-provoking images, we follow Anna as she slowly unpicks the roots of her self-suspicion and discovers something we all deserve but have so often been denied: a voice of our own.