A Leap of Faith : How Martin Mcguinness and I Worked Together for Peace


In spring 2006 David Latimer's church, First Derry Presbyterian, was paint bombed yet again. David's usual reaction was to keep his head down and say nothing, but this time he decided to go public. Live on BBC Radio Foyle he appealed to Martin McGuinness for help, believing that he was the only man in the city who could stop the attacks.

Little did David realise that within a few hours of the broadcast Martin McGuinness would be at the church, and that this first meeting would mark the beginning of a remarkable friendship, one cemented by a shared Christian faith and a joint commitment to peace building and improving the lives of young people.

In this powerful memoir, David talks frankly about his close friendship with Martin - the criticism and opposition it provoked as well as the great comfort and encouragement it brought them. Most of all, this extraordinary book is testament to the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone, and proof that real change and reconciliation are possible when you take a leap of faith.