Body Language For Dummies


Are your words and your body telling the same story? Discover the impact that nonverbal behavior has on communication

Much of a message's meaning comes through what's not being said. To master the art of clear communication, you need to be able to read others' body language and remain mindful of the messages your own gestures, movements, and facial expressions are sending. Body Language For Dummies shows you how to interpret nonverbal cues at work and in your personal life. With the help of this easy-to-follow Dummies guide, you can navigate the gap between words and meaning-even in multicultural settings. Plus, this updated edition goes virtual, with new insights demonstrating the significance of facial expressions and body language in online vs. in-person meetings.

Gain insight into other people's thoughts, feelings, and intentions

Develop an awareness of how your body language influences others' opinions

Make the camera your friend during virtual meetings

Learn tips and tricks to uncover people's real attitudes and motivations

If you want to better understand others and improve your own communication skills (and who doesn't?), this is the Dummies book for you.