Ho Jiak : A Taste of Malaysia

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Ho Jiak is a cookbook that takes readers on a journey to chef Junda Khoo's homeland of Malaysia and showcases the unique cuisine through more than 100 staple recipes, from street food classics to homestyle cooking with soul.

Starting with simple, budget-friendly meals to make in 15 minutes, Khoo shows us how to make all the classic Malaysian dishes from hawker and street food classics like poached, juicy Hainan chicken and crimson bowls of curry laksa, to home-style recipes, like deep-fried, curried chicken and snacky loh bak (five spice pork rolls) and more. But it's not just the classics that we discover in this book, Khoo also introduces us to nourishing homecooked Malaysian dishes, which aren't commonly served in eateries outside of Malaysia. Think lotus roots steeped in a pork bone broth and fried bee hoon - a smoky, umami vermicelli noodle dish.

The recipes in this book are made up of dishes Khoo serves at Ho Jiak Town Hall, a hatted-venue named as one of Australia's best restaurants by Gourmet Traveller, as well as food from the streets of Malaysia and recipes Khoo makes for his children, which were passed down to him from his beloved amah (grandmother). Khoo has no culinary training, but his food has so much heart that he now owns one of the best restaurants in Australia.

Ho Jiak, translating to 'good eats', is Khoo's modern interpretation of Malaysian cuisine that is steeped in tradition and full of heart. It is a must-have for any foodie wanting to expand their repertoire and for any lover of Malaysian cuisine.