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The team at Belfast Books on Belfast’s York Road are well known for taking principled stances, for example when they stopped donating to and purchasing books from Oxfam earlier this year after revelations about how Oxfam employees behaved in Haiti. The team then refused to accept Bank of England notes as they aren’t legal tender in Northern Ireland and because retailers in England don’t readily accept Northern Irish bank notes.

They’ve now gone full postal and banned all DUP elected representative’s from the cafe they’re planning to open on the first floor of their bookshop on Belfast’s York Road.

John Junk, their managing director explained why:-

“I’ve had a good working relation with some local DUP elected representatives and grassroots members of the party, and work alongside them on various community forums - but the party’s stance on equal marriage doesn’t sit well with us, so their elected representatives will be banned from the cafe we're planning if we raise the money in our crowdfunder to open it.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, their elected representatives won’t be banned from the bookshop as such a ban would have little effect. I think I'm right in saying that in over 4 years of us being open, not one of their elected representatives have darkened our door outside of election time.”


03 December, 2018 by John Junk
Tags: Crowdfunder

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