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Belfast Books Payment Methods Online and In-Store

One of the questions we get asked the most is what payment methods we have available for used book sales on our website, our Amazon Prime shopfront and book sales in person.


Well, we have PayPal and Bitcoin for our website sales at AND NOW BY POPULAR REQUEST, YOU CAN LOGIN AND PAY USING YOUR EXISTING AMAZON ACCOUNT!!!This means that if you see a book you want on our site for your own personal use or for your employer or educational establishment, you can just purchase it using the Amazon account you use for company or education purposes.

We've always had Amazon payments for any sales on our Amazon shop at where we have lots of new and used toys, DVDs, blu-ray and other stuff on our Amazon shopfront. Click over and have a look, and if you're an Amazon Prime member, delivery is FREE!


If you call into our first Belfast store on York Road, you can pay in £ Sterling, Euros or US Dollars.  We use PayPal Here in store at any and all of our external sales pop up venues to process credit card payments, using both Chip and Pin and contactless. We use Travelex to determine a fair and up to date exchange for foreign exchange sales.

We check all incoming notes and coins using fraud detection equipment, and uniquely we also check the notes we are giving you as change with a counterfeit detector pen, to ensure that you don't get passed counterfeit money! We're genuinely first to do this, and we'll probably win one of them there awards for leading the way.

11 July, 2016 by John Junk

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